Thursday, 1 August 2013

Back to civilisation?

First full day back in "civilisation" (one of the four main cities in Malawi) and its the second power cut in two days. It's around the same time so I'm assuming they are rationing the electricity and that it will be on again in an hour or so. In spite of that, I made good progress earlier today on my ongoing research tasks. Much thanks to the change of scenery that I had recently.

After doing as much as I could for the day I decided I needed a repetitive organisational task so managed to enter all of my expenses over the past six and a half weeks onto the computer ready to claim back on my return to the UK. Was actually relatively painless and so glad I've got it done already so I can just submit the form when I get home.

Invited for dinner this evening to the home of my colleague who has been assisting me with translation and interpreting of interviews. Right now just waiting to get picked up with the sound of the generator outside pumping some limited electricity to the main hotel building. Maybe I'll head in there for a bit so I have a bit more light than from my laptop screen.

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