Friday, 5 July 2013

Last day in the field for a few days

The white flag signifies that a traditional
mid-wife lives here.
Final day in village 2 of 4 today and interviewed three farmers. All of the information I am getting is pointing to some fairly clear conclusions about the challenges that need to be addressed in order for the programme to work more effectively. It also highlights how the challenges are slightly different depending on where the village in question is based.

I've been inspired by the stories I've heard because they make me realise just how crucial getting a coupon actually is. For many it can literally be a matter of whether or not they go hungry the following year. This personal experience of the importance of "getting it right" will certainly now drive me on as I go forward and think about how things need to be changed in order to ensure the programme achieves it stated aims.

For now I am going to be typing up some of the information I collected by hand onto the computer for later analysis. Once I've done that I can spend the next few days at the lodge doing some other work before we head south mid-week. So, a quiet few days in case you don't see much of an update!

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