Thursday, 11 July 2013

In Zomba

Arrived safe and sound in Zomba this afternoon to prepare for the second half of my interviews. The journey actually only took a few hours as its just under 300km. Some beautiful sights on the way down, especially the villages of mud huts and grass thatched roofs set in the mountains.

Life here in Zomba is a bit colder and today a bit cloudier. However, the mountains surrounding the city make it a very special place to be.

Checked into a cheap and cheerful lodge for the night for less than £15. Tomorrow I'll hopefully check into another lodge where I can stay for the remaining duration of my time here.

Tried to meet with someone from the Ministry of Agriculture on arrival but they wont be available until Monday so looks like I might have a few days of a bit of work and relaxation. Would be nice to go check out the big mountain "Ku Chawe" again as there's a lot to see and do up there.

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