Saturday, 6 July 2013


On a totally non-research related note, just went out for a lovely Chinese at Noble China restaurant. Really good food and company. To eat I had a lovely hot and sweet soup which had tofu and coriander in it among other things). Then had a lovely vegetarian noodle dish called something like ant hill (a plate of dry noodles, a plate of delicious vegetables and a plate of lettuce). All washed down with a kuche kuche beer.

I was invited out by a guy who'd been staying at the lodge and his colleague who have just finished up their contract working on an IT project with the Ministry of Finance. A number of other expats turned up who the guy knew, including one guy who now lives in a narrowboat in Jericho, Oxford (where I spent a lot of time during my secondary school years and worked during my gap year). Turns out his ex-girlfriend is also doing her PhD (at Oxford) on the topic of Malawi and negotiations around the subsidy programme. A small world.

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