Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sunny saturday

The desk where I've been living for most of the past week
Well, the first weekend is here and even though I haven't ventured out much from the lodge (hopefully the vehicle we'll be using will finally be fixed today!) it's been a great first week. I've used the time mostly to keep revising and finalising my interview questions, to organise future meetings and also to get ahead with some of my other research.

One of the things that's made it so great, aside from the fantastic setting here in this quiet little oasis of calm, is the faultless service provided by the staff who are always ready and willing to help with a genuine smile. So, while I'm working here at my desk for the rest of this morning I thought I'd ask for some of that lovely Mzuzu coffee to keep me going. After lunch I'm going to venture out then to see if I can get hold of some table mats from an art centre in town and maybe a jumper for the chilly Malawian winter evenings :)

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