Friday, 28 June 2013

SOS Children's Villages

Today, when going to meet someone for an interview in rural Malawi I happened across a truly amazing place. It was a village with many houses, classrooms and health facilities set up by what I now realise is a truly amazing organisation called SOS Children's Villages (
The village provides a safe, clean nurturing environment for orphan children to grow up in. It provides for all their needs - a surrogate mother, food, health care, education, vocational training....It almost brought a tear to my eye to hear how, as a result of this place, a number of children have gone on to study at university, some even getting a Masters and travelling to the UK to do so.
If there was ever a good cause to give money to, this most definitely one of them. Really blown away by just what a different this place is making to so many young orphans lives. Then, on the way back to the city we stop in traffic and a poor disheveled looking boy of no more than 5 or 6 years old approached the car in ragged clothes, holding out his hands seeking anything he could get in order to survive. That just hammered home what a difference a place like SOS Children's Village can mean. I just wish there was more support for this organisation so there could be more places like that.

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