Monday, 17 June 2013

Plan for the rest of the week

An undernourished Malawian boy
from a village during my last trip
Managed to catch up with my Malawian colleague today who'll be helping me carry out the interviews. As her schedule over-ran (from some other interviews that have been going on the past few months) we'll now meet up on Saturday, so I now have a good few days to make sure I am fully prepared for the interviews that will take place over the next few weeks.

The extra time will also give me some time to push ahead with a large number of things I have to do to start bringing the various parts of my thesis together. This includes carrying out some more quantitative work on the Malawi Farm Input Subsidy Programme and tidying up some chapters ready to put together some papers for publication when I come back.

I've been feeling (and being) very productive these past few days so hopefully that will continue. I think being in a new place helps to clear the mind a lot. Also, being here in Malawi reminds me why I'm actually doing the research in the first place.

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