Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Lessons from the field in managing time

So, everything you hear about things taking longer when you are on fieldwork is right :)

After arriving much later than planned (due to pushing the dates back further) I've found that come the weekend I will have already eaten into one week of my two week "buffer time" that I decided to create in my work plan. Unfortunately this couldn't be helped as my colleague is taken up with other pressing work that must be finished before we can meet. Thankfully, I know I am working with a great team so things should stay on track.

In spite of trying to arrange things before I left, many things still have to be worked out here. At least face to face is often better, even if it can take longer. One of those things is arranging meetings with people quite high up in the Ministry of Agriculture. This involved a letter being sent before I arrived which I must now follow up with a meeting before the weekend if possible in order to arrange specific dates for meeting the MoA staff concerned. Again, all things that need to be done prior to work taking place and things which all take time.

No complaints at all though, just reflections. As I say, I am grateful to be working with an excellent team and in the meantime have a nice quiet room in a lodge from where I can get on with other things.

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