Thursday, 20 June 2013

First interview!

A post-interview snack: a much reduced bunch of
incredibly tasty bananas fresh from the tree and some sort of citrus fruit.
Well, it's 5:33 and the evening is drawing in once again. The days are short here at the moment in Malawi. Today I had a very good interview with someone from the Ministry of Agriculture, finding out from them about how the Input Subsidy Programme operates from an insider perspective. It has given me a considerable insight into the various stages (and huge complexity) involved in going from decisions of how many coupons to produce down to how it is decided at the local level that a particular farmer should receive a coupon. I was also very grateful for their help in arranging some other meetings, one of which I plan to have early next week.

Thankfully it wasn't far, so I walked there and back, stopping off on the way back for a huge bunch of bananas and some clementine-type looking things. For now its back to some statistics using some other data before a spot of dinner later.

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