Saturday, 22 June 2013

Final night

Well, it dawned on me earlier just before dinner that its the final night here in the lodge. I will be incredibly sad to leave, mainly because of the lovely people I've met who work here. The cook, the receptionists, the waiters, the housekeepers. Life for them will go on, new people will arrive with new things to get on with and new stories to tell. I too will have new things to get on with, new places to go, people to see. But the memories of these workers will stay with me forever, as do my memories of the staff at the lodge in Tanzania who were so kind, gentle and showed such warmth to someone they did not know before I arrived. So yes, it's sad to leave and to think I might never see them again. At the same time we have enjoyed moments together, watching funny Nigerian movies, talking about how things are in our own countries, exchanging stories. It has made my time here such a memorable one.

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