Monday, 17 June 2013


Just arrived at a nice little lodge in Lilongwe after about 18 hours of travel. It's been a good journey though with a decent rest on the night flight and it's been very productive reading and work-wise. Am now just enjoying a cup of Malawi's Chombe tea and having a wind down.
Driving to the lodge from the airport, things seem much more "normal" to me now - people walking on the side of the road carrying sticks, selling cassava, fruit (although the mice on sticks was a bit more of a surprise). It's good in a way that I will be able to focus more on the task at hand, which is carrying out the interviews, which I managed to make good headway with in updating them on the Jo'burg to Lilongwe flight. All set now and just have to type up the changes before I go through one final time to check I am asking all that I want to ask and then discuss the questions with my colleague here when we meet (hopefully later this week).

For now though, time to relax a bit and maybe go get another few sim cards for my mobile and the internet.

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